N95 - Specifications:

Color: White
Protection Class: KN95
Filtering Rate: ≥95%
Production date:2020/03
Keeping you safe from Fog, Smog, Dust, Air Pollution, Allergens, And Humidity Thus Keeping You Healthy.
High qulity filter media with advanced static-charged microfibers helps to make exhalation easier and inhales, thus enhancing the comfort of everyone.
A two-head strap design with a two-point attachment helps provide a secure fit.
Adjustable nose clips and comfortable foam reduce fogging and provide a more customized fit.
The lightweight construction improves comfort during use and increases wear time.


1)In order to provide better protection, the material of each batch of goods will be closer. If there is some difference in the actual goods, it is normal. Please do not worry, if you have any questions, please consult us first.

2)We promise that you choose KN95 masks. 100% of the masks we send are KN95 masks. The purchase batch is different, and the manufacturers of the masks may be different. This is normal. After all, there are more than one factory producing KN95. Please understand before placing an order. Thank you!

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