2Pcs Infitary LED Car Headllight Bulbs Auto Headlamp H4 H7 9005 9006 H3 H13 880 9004 9007 H11 S1 50W 8000LM 6500K Black

Main Advantages:
Crystal clear 6500K white light  8000Lm, LED lighting without dark spots! Pro-Turbo LED is the only light that uses Tailor LED and ADOB-Beam technology to ensure a perfect beam pattern without any dark spots or foggy light.
Improved Thermal Induced heat control with Led driver to ensures your bulbs last longer than your car! Over 50,000 hrs of brilliant continuous light.
Works underwater! Rainproof driver, housing, and fan works even in harsh situations.
Can be installed in 20 mins right out of the box!  ADOB Beam headlights are made to replace your stock housing and sockets. In addition, all bulbs are CanBUS-Ready and will work with most of cars.
Order from Infitary Lighting for a truly worry-free experience! We offer a free 1 year warranty and lifetime support!
Power: 50W/set
Luminous Flux: 8000lm (4000lm/bulb)
Operating Voltage: DC 9-32V(fit 12V,24V vehicles)
Color Temperature: Pure White 6500K
IP65 rated water and dust seal,360 degree beam angle
Material: Aviation 6063 aluminum profile
Operating Temperature: -40-80 degree Celsius
Over 30000hrs lifetime
Usage: headlight,fog light
Two-way heat dissipation channel
Package Included:
2x LED headlight bulbs
1x English installation manual

9006 INFITARY S1 LED Car Headllight Bulb Auto Headlamp 50W 8000LM 6500K 12V 2Pcs

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    Choose your Plug Type:
    #H13 : Hi-Lo Beam ( 50W/ high beam, 50W/ low beam)
    #9003 /#H4 (HB2) :Hi-Lo Beam ( 50W/ high beam,50W/ low beam)
    #9004 (HB1) : Hi-Lo Beam ( 50W/ high beam, 50W/  low beam)
    #9007 : Hi-Lo Beam ( 50W/ high beam, 50W/  low beam)
    #9006 (HB4) : single Beam (50W/set, 25W/bulb)
    #9005 (HB3) : single Beam (50W/set, 25W/bulb)
    #H11: single Beam (50W/set, 25W/bulb)
    #H7 : single Beam (50W/set, 25W/bulb)
    #H1: single Beam (50W/set, 25W/bulb)
    #H3: single Beam (50W/set, 25W/bulb)
    #H27 (#880 ): single Beam (50W/set, 25W/bulb)

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