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How to solve the problem of led headlight concentrating adjustment

Nowadays, led headlights have won the favor of more and more car owners with their green environmental protection and various advantages. However, in actual use, many car owners have found a problem, that is, led headlights do not collect light, causing the owner to drive at night, in front of The road is black, or black and white, and the term "paving effect" is poor. Led headlights do not collect light naturally can not meet the driver's safety needs, then how to solve the led lights do not collect light? Is there any tutorial to adjust the spotlight? Let's take a look at it.

The traditional halogen light is concentrated because the tungsten light illuminates, and the light comes from a central point, which is what we call "point light". The point light source is condensed by the light bowl, gathered together to shine forward and evenly Spread on the road, to ensure that we have enough visibility in front.

However, many led headlights cause serious problems such as astigmatism of led headlights due to their own design reasons or various factors during modification. Many people hear that led headlights don't converge, and the first idea is to add a lens because the lens has a strong ability to collect light. But in reality, lenticular LED headlights are not suitable for vehicles. On the one hand, not all models have enough space to add lenses, especially if there is no lens in the original car option, it is very troublesome to install. In addition, in order to attach a lens to a lampshade or a bumper, the sealing performance of the headlights is deteriorated, and problems such as water ingress and fogging on rainy days are unpredictable.

I believe that many car owners have tried to adjust the lights through the adjustment knobs behind the headlights, but it sounds simple, the actual operation toss for a long time, it is likely that the effect is not as good as before. But here to meet some of the car owners who love to do it, here's a tutorial to adjust the car's light angle:

First stop the car at 7.6 meters from the wall, then turn on the light, then we will adjust the position of the light according to the position of the light on the wall. Some models have integrated headlight height adjustment knobs in the car. If your car has such a function, adjust the headlight height adjustment knob to the “0” position before adjusting the headlights.

① This line is facing the center of the vehicle

② High beam position marker

③ Low beam position mark

In order to set these standard lines on the wall, we have to measure the three distances of the headlight position in advance. The distance A is the distance from the center of the low beam to the center axis of the vehicle; the distance B is the distance from the center of the high beam to the center axis of the vehicle. Distance C is the distance from the center of the low beam to the ground.

Note 1:

Left and right adjustment of the light:

Generally adjusted with a corresponding hex key

Note 2:

Light height adjustment:

Generally adjusted with a corresponding hex key

Adjusting the position of the light is done by adjusting the adjustment knob at the corresponding position behind the headlights. The parts that need to be adjusted for different models and the tools used are not the same, depending on the specific model. Before turning on the lights, hit the wall and observe if the lights are offset or too low.

If you find this difficult, then the simpler way to judge is to have a person with a height of 180cm standing at 7.6 meters in front of the car, and then the low beam relationship should not be higher than the person's buttocks. If it is too high, turn the adjustment knob to adjust.

It is a little difficult to adjust the car lighting by yourself. The owner can explain the lighting to the maintenance personnel during the maintenance of the car.

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