Infitary® 3D Printer M505

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Brand Name : Infitary

Part Number : M505

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Price : $268.00

This Iniftary 3D Printer M505 is a new member of prestigious Prusa I3 family, it was engineered to provide redefined usability, quality, performance, accuracy and most important, best affordability in desktop 3D printer market. The kit comes with good quality parts(made from piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame) and all you need to put them together.To maintain the garage-built feel and the handmade charm, Iniftary 3D Printer M505 is also a DIY kit, which provide you an unforgettable step-by-step learning experience and interestingness of 3D printer from assembling and calibration.

  • Comes with DIY 3D printer parts, now you can assemble your personal 3D printer yourself (YouTube link is available in the package, easy installation)
  • Industrial grade fast and easy operation,good quality stepper motors, more stable to use.
  • Alunar 3D printers support PLA / ABS printing material, Max printing size can reach to 220*220*240mm(about 8.66*8.66*9.45 inch),suggested to be perfect effect: printing speed as 40 mm/s;flow rate approximately 24 cc/hr
  • Compatibility: offline printing from SD card and by USB cable connect with computer to print;
  • Support file type: STL,G-code.
Iniftary Branded 3D printerof solid quality, buy with confidence. As a pioneer of 3D printer manufacturer, Alunar takes high quality,environmental protection and updated technology as our enterprise aim, and produce the excellent 3D printers. It was engineered to provide redefined usability, quality, performance and most important, best affordability in desktop 3D printer market. With its quiet design, easily control, high speed, high precision and stable & smooth printing, you would print what you dreamed up. Easy assembling with YouTube guide The kit comes with good quality parts and all you need to put them together. It is easy and quick to assemble the 3D printer if you follow the steps on YouTube. You can find a link on assembly instructions and software from the SD card that comes with the printer. Wide range of use and application This 3D printer has a wide range of customers, young or old, professional or amateur, and it can be widely used in education, industrial design, school research and so on. You can also make some toys with your children by this printer. Worry free after sales service We have a professional and considering customer service center for you to order, after-sales.  
  • Frame Material:
  • SD-Card & LCD Screen:
  • XY Axis Accuracy:
  • Z Axis Accuracy:
  • # Extruders:
  • Print Color:
  • Extruder Diameter:
  • Printing Speed:
  • Max. Print Size:
  • Nozzle Temp.:
  • Heating PlateTemperature:
  • Heating Plate Material:
  • Printable Materials:
  • Filament Diameter:
  • Acrylic
  • Yes
  • 0.012mm
  • 0.004mm
  • 1
  • Single
  • 0.4mm
  • 100mm/s
  • 220x220x240mm(about 8.66*8.66*9.45 inch),
  • 210C, Max 250C
  • 50-100C
  • Aluminum
  • PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood Polymer, PVA, PP, Luminescent, Nylon
  • 1.75mm
Assembly Video
1.Pre Test before Assembly 5. Printer Instruction Step 4
2.Printer Instruction Step 1 6. Printer Instruction Step 5
3. Printer Instruction Step 2 7. Printer Instruction Step 6
4. Printer Instruction Step 3 8. Printer Instruction Step 7
Have many question? Please look forward
Slicing Software
Cura_15.04 download (on
How to Use Cura 15 (PDF) download
Repeiter Host
Another idea software is Repeiter Host. Firstly you can download the software on and install it to your computer simply following the instruction. Secondly you need to make simple setting for the software as below: 1. Click the button( printer settings) on the top right corner; 2. And Baud Rate for M508 is 250000 3. Open the STL and GCODE file you have and make slicing with clicking button (slicer ---slice with curaengine) same on right column. You can adjust the size or other aspect of object as you liked. 4. Then get to start the printing by connecting to the computer.
You will get the device driver from the SD Card also coming with your printer kit. There is two driver respectively compatible with the MAC and WIN system, which will provide the best choice for the correct driver suited with your computer. And you just need to connect the SD card to your computer and click the driver software and it would only take few minutes to be installed automatically.
Test Printing Files
Here is test printing file also enclosed in your SD Card which has been sliced and can be quick and directly printed with inserting the SD card into your assembled printer. This Gcode file changed from the original STL file is a great design with showing various kinds of printing form and you will need not to search for the exact file to make a test on the printing effect by your new DIY 3D printer.
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15 thoughts on “Infitary® 3D Printer M505

  1. Hi
    I just ordered and put together my m505 model. I have gotten to the point of printing and when I try to print the test model it doesn’t work. I think it has something to do with the extruder motor and the gear reading it. Everything works and is tightened. The gear does not grip the filament and push it into the hot end. Any tips or solutions would greatly be appreciated

    1. Dear Chris Frenn

      Thank you for your order with ALUNAR 3D printer. For the filament can’t go through the nozzle
      1.pls cut the filament into 45 degree to make sure it is inside the barrel tube
      2.set the nozzle temperature to 230 degree, and push the filament into the barrel tube, the filament should come out by string

      can you kindly send us some photo about the problem?
      may help a lot for we know how to help

      Thank you , we will send you reply to your mail, pls check it
      Keep in touch
      ALUNAR 3D Team

  2. My printer had been operating fine and I went to print a part and the lcd screen displayed garbage and the extruder would not extrude filament. I have trouble shot per everything I can find on the internet, and believe the microcontroller board has failed. Where can I order a new one?

    1. Dear Ernest Todd
      As you said the printer works great, how it just suddenly can’t print?
      can you send us more photos or details about it, we sure can help solve the problem.
      We send you email about this problem, pls pay attention to your mail.

      F or the mainboard, if you need, you can search on Amazon ALUNAR mainboard, sure you can find it.

      keep in touch
      Best regards
      ALUANR 3D Team

  3. For the M505 3d printer, Step 3 shows that there is a black plastic piece in the shape of an “H”, the one you sent us is an “H” metal piece and the holes are not the same as the one in the video.

    1. Dear Nikolas Ash

      Thank you for your order with ALUNAR printer. sorry for the confusing.
      The printer was updated. Before that H plate is black acrylic, we updated to be better aluminum, it is much stable and better to stand up the high temperature of the heated bed.
      Pls assemble it according to the video:

      Any questions feel free to contact us
      keep in touch
      Best regards
      ALUNAR 3D Team

  4. Hello I have one of your ALUNAR m505 3d printers and everything works on it but the screen has been recently damaged for what reason idk I never printed a single thing and it wont heat up either I was wondering if theres a way I could buy the peices that i need to fix it without buying a whole new printer.
    thank you

  5. Hey I’m having an issues heating the extruder, it’ll start up but not print and the nozzle is pretty cold too

    1. hi,kevin
      Thank you for your order,which model you ordered?
      for the problem nozzle code:

      1.set the tempreture of the nozzle for printing, PLA suggest :195-200 degree
      2.make sure the heatcable and the thermistor inside the heat block hole and well tight connected
      if you can send us the cable connection of the extruder system and the screen of the printer,that would be so great.
      thank you so much for your cooperation

      keep in touch,if still any questions
      ALUNAR 3D Team

    1. hi, nik

      Thank you for your order ALUNAR 3d printer.
      according to the video step 2, the first motor we set is Y motor.
      if any other questions feel free to contact us.

      keep in touch
      have a nice day
      ALUNAR 3D Team

    1. hi, Mac

      Thank you for your order, can you send us more details about the problem
      more photos are appreciated.

      Also i send you details to your mail.

      keep in touch

      ALUNAR 3D Team

  6. Please help me. I have a new M505 and I have problems. No reply on Skype and this is my second message on this site . I bought it on Amazon and it had good reviews but I don’t feel like you are offering any support

    1. hi, Gary
      Thank you for your order ALUNAR printer.
      what problems do you have on the printer?
      Sorry for later reply due to the national holiday.
      pls let us know what is the problem you have, we will be ready to help.

      by the way,which skype you added?
      pls kindly add this skype:eros1025
      we will help you online
      thank you

      ALUNAR 3D Team