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Infitary Tire Pressure Monitoring System,Tire Pressure Gauge with TPMS Monitoring System, Build-in Alarm, Temperature Gauge (℃/℉), LCD Color Screen Display, 4 Internal Sensors Bar PSI

Monitor Specifications:

● Input Voltage: DC 5V
● Working temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃
● Transmission Frequency: 433.92MHZ
● Temperature Unit: ℃/℉
● Pressure Unit: BAR / PSI
● Monitor Weight: 97g
● Single Sensor Weight: 60g


● Graphic interface display, wide angle screen design
● Ensure safety driving, save fuel, prolong lifetime of tires, Real-time monitoring tire pressure
● Simultaneous displaying the pressure and temperature
● Two pressure units and temperature units for option ( PSI/BAR, ℃/℉ )
● Alarm range can be set, supporting tire exchange function, easy to operate


● Recommend to install the monitor and power on, and then install the sensors
● We have matched the 4 default sensors with the monitor, customers don’t need to match them again
● Press the key ” + ” or ” – ” to adjust the backlight brightness

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